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Ghetto Brothers

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The Ghetto Brothers were a gang (or club) and music group founded in New York City's South Bronx in the late 1960s. Like the Young Lords, they were involved in Puerto Rican nationalism, including, in the case of the Ghetto Brothers, an association with the then-new Puerto Rican Socialist Party. Ghetto Brothers founder Benjamin Melendez, who left the organization in 1976, was also known as a guitarist. He led a band, also known as the Ghetto Brothers with his brothers Robert and Victor when they were just kids. They released one album Ghetto Brothers - Power-Fuerza in 1971, which had only informal, local distribution and has since been re-released on CD. Ghetto Brothers' frontman Benjy Melendez worked closely with ATW to produce two exclusive tees that not only honor the organization's name, but its unique place in urban New York's history.


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