Posted by Koe Rodriguez on 24th Mar 2021


If you haven't already, check out our good friend and ATW colloborator Martha Cooper's great new doc "Martha: A Picture Story." Your favorite photographer's favorite photographer, Martha's honest and beautifully composed shots of Hip-Hop culture and the heart and soul of inner-cities alike are incomparable and celebrated the world over. In "Picture Story," her storied career is candidly told and you're reminded in the first half hour why although she isn't technically a "Hip-Hop photographer," she is the Queen of Hip-Hop photos. In one scene, Marty is gearing up for a late night photo/bombin' mission with the 1UP Crew that is reminisce of Rambo gearing up for all out war. Those of you who know Marty, know this is exactly how she gets down, and why she wears the crown. Saludos, Marty!

Rent or buy "Martha: A Picture Story" on Amazon, Apple TV and other streaming platforms and pay TV operators. And why you're at it, grab one of her classic ATW signature Dondi tees for this Spring/Summer.

-Koe Rodriguez